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Horizontal Metal Lathe CW61200

Zhengzhou Jiesheng Heavy Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China. We are a professional manufacturer of heavy-duty horizontal lathes, heavy-duty vertical lathes, CNC vertical lathes, CNC horizontal lathes, milling machines, boring machines, drilling machines, single-column vertical lathes, double column vertical lathes and so on. We have 20 years of experience in heavy machinery manufacturing and have a good reputation in this field. Our products have won praise from customers worldwide.

Horizontal metal lathe CW61200 is for cutting and processing various workpieces. Horizontal metal lathe CW61200 is widely applied to many industries, such as rubber machinery,mine machinery, textile machinery, chemical machinery ,automobile manufacturing and so on. Horizontal metal lathe CW61200 is mostly used to process large-diameter tire moulds, large-diameter flanges, various valves and pipelines, pressure vessels, screw propeller, steamer machine accessories, tire moulds, plastic moulds, shafts, rotary drums and other workpieces.

Horizontal metal lathe CW61200 can operate various turning works, it can turn various encircle, the bore of interface and enface of parts, independent motor of upper tool-post can turn short taper, the cooperation of upper tool-post and longitudinal feed can turn long taper.
In addition, horizontal metal lathe CW61200can meet some requirements, such as drilling, boring hole and nesting. And it is suitable for turning strongly solid carbide cutting tools, and machining ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals.
Horizontal metal lathe CW61200 can do external cylindrical surface turning, inner hole and end face turning, groove broaching, drilling, boring and trepanning.
Horizontal metal lathe CW61200 can also turn various intemal and external metric, inch module and diametrical pitch threads, the top slide can be used independently for turning of short taper.
Horizontal metal lathe CW61200 are of high power, high rigidity and wide rotating speed range, so it can be used for high speed and strong force turning.

Technical parameter of horizontal metal lathe CW61200:

Markter Description Unit CW61200
Max swing diameter over bed mm 2000
Chuck diameter mm 1600
Max length of work piece mm 12000
Max swing dia over carriage mm 1650
Spindle bord mm 130,A215
Taper in Spindle nose   140(metric)
Spindle speed species kinds 21 kinds(forward)12 kinds(reverse)
Range of spindle speeds (optional) r/min 2-200(forward)2.24-178(reverse)
Range of feeds per spindle revolution kinds 56 kinds
Longitudinal mm 0.1-12
Cross mm 0.05-6
Top slide mm 0.025-3
Number range of Metric thread mm 44 kinds 1-120
Number range of whitworth thread   31 kinds 24-1/4t.p.i
Number range of Modulus thread mm 45 kinds 0.5-60
Number range of Diametral pitch thread   38 kinds 1/2-56DP
Max travel of saddle mm L-200
Max cross travel of lower slide mm 960
Max travel of mid slide mm 300
Max travel of top slide mm 200
Rapid traverse speed of tool post longitudinal/cross mm/min 3740/1870
Mid slide mm/min 935
diameter of tailstock quill mm 180
Max travel of tailstock quill mm 300
Taper in bore of tailstock quill(morse)   80metric
Main motor power kw 45
Machine overall dimension mm L+3400*2410*2770
Width of bed mm 755
Max.weight of workpiece t 6
Net weight of machine kg 23500-38300

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