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VMC1060 Multi Spindle Drilling Machine CNC Vertical Machining Center

Zhengzhou Jiesheng Heavy Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China. We are a professional manufacturer of heavy-duty horizontal lathes, heavy-duty vertical lathes, CNC vertical lathes, CNC horizontal lathes, milling machines, boring machines, drilling machines, single-column vertical lathes, double column vertical lathes and so on. We have 20 years of experience in heavy machinery manufacturing and have a good reputation in this field. Our products have won praise from customers worldwide.
The guide-ways for CNC vertical machining center series adopt cast iron with hardening process to provide high rigidity and long service-time. Main motion of large-scale CNC vertical machining center is driven by gears transmission system via tow-step speed change to provide the spindle with increased speed range and large torque, suitable for power cutting. The bearings of spindle adopt imported bearings with characteristics of high speed and good rigidity.
The bed is supplied with cooling cycle unit to control spindle temperature, and the machine bed is provided with four guide-ways to obtain high rigidity for the whole machine set.

Machines of this serried are suitable for high accuracy machining such as milling, drilling, counter-boring, reaming, boring, and tapping for two-dimension of three-dimension curved and sloping.

Featues of VMC1060 multi spindle drilling machine CNC vertical machining center:
1. High speed and low torque cutting, the tools would get less abrasion and smaller force in spindle bearing to guarantee the machine’s long service life.
2. Small cutting depth, high speed cutting could ensure a high workpiece surface quality. Good Heat dissipation condition could make sure workpiece’s thermal deformation in small, and get a higher machining accuracy.
3. Better reliability and faster response speed, could make the table & tools get higher compensation rate during machining profile.
4. The machine base employs high-grade Meehanite cast iron and rigid box type structure design, with high rigidity & stability.
5. The spindle employs Nickel-Chrome-Molybdenum alloy steel and after heat treatment, with the tensile strength could reach 90kg/mm2. The spindle is mounted bearing in front and 2 bearings at rear to provide the rotary precision and rotary rotation under high-speed operation.
6.The 3 axis adapt C3 grade ball screw with double nut preload could ensure an excellent positioning accuracy.
7. Employ Japanese NSK 30ATC P4 grade high precision bearings. Axial symmetry and radial preload could ensure noiseless under the conditions of high-speed and continuous operation.
8. Employ PMI rolling in high precision and large load liner guide way (Made In Taiwan). We use rolling instead of sliding, meet the requirement of less friction losses, smart responsiveness, and high position accuracy.

Technical details of VMC1060 multi spindle drilling machine CNC vertical machining center:

Item   VMC1060
X travel mm 1000
Y travel mm  600
Z travel mm 600
Table size  mm 1300×600
T Slots  mm 5×18H7
Table load kg 1000
Table surface to floor level mm 870
Spindle motor power kW  11/15
Spindle taper bore   BT40
Spindle speed  r/min 50-6000
Output torque  N.m 70
Actuating motor power X/Y/Z kW 4/4/4
Actuating motor torque X/Y/Z kW 22/22/22
Speed of rapid move X/Y/Z m/min 15/15/12m/min
Guideways forms   slideway
Tool store forms   Bamboo hat model
Tool number(option)   20
Max.Length of the cutting tool mm 250
Max.Diameter of the cutting tool mm 90
Max.Weight of the cutting tool kg 8
A period of time of automatic tool changer  s 9s
Weight of machine kg 8500
Size of machine mm 3250×2820×2885
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