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3 Axis Used CNC Vertical Machining Center

Zhengzhou Jiesheng Heavy Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China. We are a professional manufacturer of heavy-duty horizontal lathes, heavy-duty vertical lathes, CNC vertical lathes, CNC horizontal lathes, milling machines, boring machines, drilling machines, single-column vertical lathes, double column vertical lathes and so on. We have 20 years of experience in heavy machinery manufacturing and have a good reputation in this field. Our products have won praise from customers worldwide.

VMC850 series machining center feeding axles is controlled by X/Y/Z/A coordinate,spindle driven by servo motor and the tool magazine capacity can be chose from 16 to 40. It can achieve drilling,milling,boring,ream,tapping etc various processing for all kinds of disc type,plate like,shell,cam,mould etc complex parts under once clamping. It also suitable for one-piece or batch production for various parts. Processing achieve routinization, reducing production period, best economic benefit will be acquired

1. Overall layout
Bed, table , slide , column, and other bulky headstock are made of resin sand casting with good stability,high strength and other features. In addition passing two aging treatment to eliminate stress and ensure the stability of precision under the machine long-term be used.

2.Driving system
X, Y, Z axis linear guideways are using high-quality Taiwan widening linear guide rail, with automatic mandatory centralized lubrication, reducing friction of feed motion and low-speed crawling, improving machine accuracy life.
Z-axis servo motor with automatic brake function , in case of power failure ,it can automatically brake to hold the motor shaft making it can not rotate. Playing a security role.

3. Tool magazine
Use high quality 24 disc type automatic tool changer tool magazine , ATC accurate, time is short, high efficiency, the test run millions of times, it is in line with the requirements of reliability; Armless type ATC with damping structure, it can reduce motion upon impact to ensure the tool magazine useful life.

4. Air-operated system
Pneumatic FRL can filter impurities and water of air supply to prevent impure gas corrosion and damage machine parts. Solenoid-operated valve by PLC program control to ensure that the spindle loose knife , spindle center blowing, spindle folder knife , spindle air-cooled and other actions can complete quickly and accurately.

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