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Z3040 drilling machine is a double-column structure radial drilling machine, the radial can move up and down along the outter column to adapt the processing workpieces of different heights. Smaller workpiece can be mounted on the table, while a large workpiece can be placed directly on the machine base or on the ground.

Radial drilling machine Z3040 is with a simple and practical structure, easy for operation and maintenance, etc. This drilling machine has wide working range such as boring, tapping, threading, countersink plane, drilling, reaming, reaming and other functions, which is is widely used in machining of small and medium enterprises, township and individual industries.


1. Double column design, lighter radial, esay operation.
2. The operating system is focused on the headstock with flexible speed, convenient, safe feed machinery and electrical double insurance.
3. The use of high quality materials forming the main large cast, after aging treatment, with high-precision machining and very high accuracy.
4. The guide surface were confirmed by hardened, spindle adopts nitriding process and prolong life.
5. Spindle reversing using hand controls, drilling, tapping are more convenient!
6. Arm is 1.3 meters long, wide range of processing, more convenient.
7. Radial rails is widened with better performance.
8. Automatic lubrication of feed turbo.

 Technical Parameters



Max. Drilling Diameter  mm

Cast 40 Steel 32

Distance From Spindle Nose to Table  mm


Distance From Spindle Center to Column Busbar  mm


Spindle Travel  mm


Spindle Taper (Morse)


Spindle Speed Range  r.p.m

Spindle Speeds


Main Shaft Feeding Range  r.p.m


Main Shaft Feeding Grades


Radial Rotation Angle


Main Motor Power  kw


Lifting Motor Power  kw


Weight  kg


Dimension  mm


 Radial Drilling Machine Z3032


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