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CNC Floor Type Lathe Machine CW6025

Name and Specification: CNC Floor Type Lathe Machine CW6025
Maximum Turing Diameter: 2500mm
Certificate: ISO&CE

Jiesheng CNC floor type lathe machine is suitable for turning of high-speed steel, hard alloyand ceramic cutting tool, machining inner and outer cylindrical surface, inner and outer conical surface, groove and plane of ferrous metals, nonferrous metals and some non-metallic parts. It can meet different quantity production requirements with high efficiency, stable performance and reliable precision.

 Technical Parameters  
Specifications  CW6025
Max. turning diameter of foat base plate 2200mm
Max. turning diameter in pit 2500mm
Max. length of workpiece  5-30m
Max. length of workpiece in pit 500m
Max. weight of core clamper workpiece        32--350ton
Diameter of disc chuck 2000ton
Max. Torque of disc chuck 31.5KN.m
Speed range of disc chuck 1.6-80 18 step r/min
Max. cutting force of knife rest  31.5KN
Max. cutting force of CNC knife rest 25KN
Horizontal feed range of knife rest 0.12--45.75mm/min
Feed range of CNC knife rest 0.1--1000mm/min
Fast vertical travel speed of knife rest 3000mm/min
Travel of tailstock tube 300mm
Power of main motor  55/75/90/118/131/160/200/250Kw

 Features of CNC Floor Type Lathe CW6025
1. The spindle is supported by high precision roller bearings, making it able to turn with high precision.
Drag plate adopts high precision ball screw drive with excellent dynamic performance and high positioning precision.
2. Guideway of the lathe is made of wear resistant cast iron and the super audio
quenching, hardness in HRC45 °C above, ensure longterm stability and machining accuracy.
3. Designed with high strength base for strong turning.
4. Automatic feed frame are wearable with good quality and aging treatment.
5.We have wooden case and containers for packaging and shipping, other packages are acceptable.
6.We have spot goods ready for customers.

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