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CNC Horizontal Lathe Machine

--We can produce load bearing: 2-16tons; 32-300tons

 Description of CNC Horizontal Lathe Machine 

Horizontal lathe machine is widely applied to many industries such as rubber machinery, mine machinery, automobile manufacturing, aviation and shipbuilding and chemical machinery and so on, mostly suitable for processing large-diameter tire moulds, large-diameter flange, various valves pipelines, steamer machine accessories and helical supperts and other workpieces.

 Usage Range
a. Turning the internal and external cylindrical surface and plane
b. Turning internal and external conical surface
c. Grooving
d. Head face
e. Severance

a. High quality casting iron
b. Scrapped by hand which has high precision and little noise
c. Manual fine scraping (high precision)
d. Working table adopts hydrostatic guide way.
e. The spindle adopts zwz which got wear resistant
 f. Gear was made by quenching way which got little noise

 Main Technical Specification of CNC Horizontal Lathe
Item Unit CK61100 CK61125 CK61160
Swing over bed mm 1000 1250 1600
Swing over carriage mm 615 865 1250
Maximum length of workpiece mm 1500 3000 5000 6000 8000 10000 12000
Maximum turning length mm 1300 2800 4800 5800 7800 9800 11800
Span of guideway mm 755
Spindle nose mm A215 (8xM22)
Spindle bore mm 130
Taper hole of spindle   1:20/140
Number of forward turning speeds   21
Number of reverse turning speeds   12
Spindle speed Forward r/min 3.15~315
Reverse r/min 3.5~291
Feed motion
Number of feeds per revolution (longitudinal/transverse)   56/56
Feed per revolution Longitudinal mm 0.1~12(0.004”~0.473”)
Transverse mm 0.05~6(0.002”~0.236”)
Upper tool-post mm 0.025~3(0.001”~0.118”)
Number and range of metric thread   44;  1~120mm
Number and range of inch thread   31;   28~1/4”
Number and range of modulus thread   45;  0.5~60mm
Number and range of diametrical pitch thread   38;  1/2~56DP
Tool post
Distance between spindle centerline and tool resting plane mm 48
Section of tool shank mm 45
Tool post swing range 90·
Maximum travel of carriage mm 1450 2950 4950 5950 7950 9950 11950
Maximum travel of top slide mm 300
Maximum travel of cross slide mm 520(20”)     580(22”) 630(24”)
Tool post travel per turn of the dials of top or cross slide mm 0.05(0.002”)
rapid travel speed Longitudinal mm/min 3740
Transverse mm/min 1870
Top slide mm/min 935
Diameter of tailstock quill mm 160(6”)
Travel of tailstock quill mm 300(12”)
Taper hole of tailstock quill   Morse 6
Main motor power kw 22 22 22
Maximum weight of workpiece kg 6000 6000 6000
Machine overall dimension
Length mm 4600 6100 8100 9100 11100 13100 15100
Height mm 1700 1825 2150
Width mm 2150
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