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CNC Boring and Milling Machine TK69


♦ TK69 series CNC floor type boring and milling machine
♦ ISO9001 Quality System
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 Machine Tool Introduction
The TK69 series CNC floor type boring and milling machine is a newly developed high-torque, high efficiency, high rigidity, features state-of-the-art machine tools. According to the requirements of users with different systems, different precision turntable size can form different grades of different specifications of the machine. Has the most extensive use of a universal machine tools, machine belongs to the wide range of large, its performance is boring, milling, drilling, reaming, milling plane machining processes, particularly suitable for processing porous Department, pitch requires more accurate box-shaped parts, rack, mold parts processing, the work piece in one clamping, auto-complete milling, boring, drilling, reaming, milling, tapping and other processes. Seven-axis control, Axis, circular interpolation and processing of three-dimensional surface can be realized. With milling head, flat rotating disk and other accessories to expand the processing capacity of the machine.

The machine uses state-of-the-art mechanical, electrical, hydraulic integration of new technology development, cost-effective CNC heavy machine tools, a wide range of processing and fully functional CNC high accuracy and production efficiency. The machine is equipped with SIEMENS CNC system and AC digital servo drive system, the system has a powerful data package and low failure rate, performance is very stable, to achieve multi-axis, functional compensation, data communications and switching, analog display, a variety of fixed machining cycle, the tool management. Choose a different capacity tool library that implements a fixture multi-tasking sequence complex automated processing; the configuration axis infinite loop feedback system can also be processed with greater precision and process content.

 The Using Environment of Machine Tool

♦ Power supply: 3AC 380V ± 10% 50HZ ± 1HZ
♦ Altitude: ≤ 1500m
♦ Temperature: 5 ~ 45 °
♦ Relative humidity: ≤ 85%
♦ Environment: harmful and corrosive gases, liquids, dust; without a strong vibration, strong magnetic radiation.

 The Main Structural Features
1). Main transmission:
The main transmission of this boring and milling head adopts the square ram portable structure level and is one of the core parts of this machine. 2 the transmission system
2). Machine tool main drive:
Machine tool main drive by mechanical variable speed motor and speed regulating electrical appliances can obtain 2-560 - r/min1000 r (optional) the infinite speed range to meet the needs of various machining

3). Bearing:
Spindle bearing spindle system is the key components of the imported special customized bearings. Other bearings with name brand manufacturers products
4). The transmission structure:
X axis traverse by eliminating gaps for the double pinion and rack structure of the whole feed structure in a slide in the body and therefore good rigidity and transmission can be eliminate the clearance adjusting
Spindle box vertical feed (Y) with ball screw pair drive screw fixation in the first column on the feed motor through slow down gear drives the rotating spindle box to get the vertical feed
Z axis W axis driving principle of the ball screw vice same as Y-axis

5). Hydraulic and lubrication system: Columns (X axis) mobile adopts hydrostatic slide friction coefficient is small
X Y Z axis of the guide surface are stick to plastic processing machine tool guide rail protection
Key components of the hydraulic system pump hydraulic valve parts were picked from domestic famous manufacturers of products with reliable work stability
Pillar square ram guide are adopted the measures to prevent oil spills
6). Locking and positioning:
X Y W axes have separate automatic locking mechanism locking mechanism and precession electrical interlocking

7). Parts:
Machine tool pillar spindle box of lathe bed square ram, etc big adopt high quality cast iron manufacturing integral rigidity and good seismic performance of shock absorption
8). Precision compensation system:
TK69 CNC floor-type boring and milling machine series adopts automatic gravity compensation system to ensure the balance of spindle box body and prevent slippery pillow moved forward when the main spindle box focus changes and make the spindle head

9). Guide:
Former pillar traverse spindle box for vertical feed and ram the axial feed adopts the static pressure guide rail machine precision has good damping shock absorption effect to keep good long life high reliability
10). Protective device:
The machine adopts the overall protective set spindle box adopts processing center type integral protection
Square ram with fixed protective cover at the back of the pillar bed way scalability protective cover can prevent contamination of guide rail damage and pollution

11). Platform:
At the side of the spindle box is equipped with the operating table walk along with the spindle box and move up and down movement also stood with mobile and mobile to achieve the purpose of convenient operation
12). Control station:
Machine adopt the way of catwalk centralized control button station operating hand-held unit is available in a wide range of mobile in order to achieve the purpose of convenient operation

 Technical Parameters (standard):
Specification Unit TK6913 TK6916 TK6920 TK6926
Boring spindle diameter mm Ø130 Ø 160 Ø 200 Ø 260
Spindle taper   ISO50(BT50) ISO50(BT50) ISO60 ISO60
Spindle speed rpm 2-1000
Size of ram section mm 380´380 480´520 480´520 640´720
Total travel of boring spindle and ram mm 1500 2400 2400 3200
Travel of boring spindle (W axis) mm 800 1200 1200 1600
Axial travel of ram(Z axis) mm 700 1200 1200 1600
Vertical travel of boring head (Y axis) mm 2000-4000 2000-6000 2000-7000 3000-9000
Longitudinal travel of column(X axis) mm 3000-30000 3000-30000 3000-30000 3000-30000
Feedrate of ram(Z axis) mm/min 0.5-4800 1-4000 1-4000 0.5-4800
Feedrate of boring spindle (W axis) mm/min 0.5-4800 1-4000 1-4000 0.5-4800
Longitude travel speed of column mm/min 1-5600 1-6000 1-6000 1-5600
Vertical travel speed of boring head mm/min 1-5600 1-6000 1-6000 1-5600
Main travel speed of boring head kW 22/30 55 75 110
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